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Connor & Devon — Minted




Connor  and Devon

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Our Story

Connor and Devon moved to LA to chase the adventure of working in Hollywood. Both production assistants, they found themselves working together on the Bachelor. Devon would eventually leave the show to become a costumer in scripted TV and Film as Connor continued to work his way up in the production world. It wasn’t until Devon left the Bachelor that she texted her friend still working with Connor, that she thought he was cute. It started as a date idea by Devon to have Connor help hang up her wallpaper in her studio, little did she know she would be the handyman in the relationship 4 years later. A home together, a crazy Bernedoodle, and a pandemic later the wallpaper still sits in the closet. They hold onto the wallpaper through every move in hopes that one day it will find its permanent home as a sweet reminder of their first date.
In the meantime, They Love Each Other.